Thinking of learning to drive

Although I still have the fear, the last 2 years I have been thinking about learning to drive. I have felt more inquisitive about it, which I only revealed to a few people about it recently, until now, in a post.

The past year, a few people have asked me if I have ever thought about learning to drive, but I have always answered no. People have said to me that although expensive, driving is a lovely freedom, as well as a new skill that increases confidence.

Recently, I asked a few friends of their experience in driving, whether they had been diving some years, or only a few months, to get different perspectives on it. Although the expense crops up with everyone I spoke to, the freedom that comes with driving came up too. Mostly everyone said that learning to drive is a good experience that increases your confidence and one that mostly everyone said to me, that if I could afford to drive, to take it up, as they totally recommended it.

I don’t know what my choice will be just yet, as I need to know if I can afford to. So I will be pondering this over the next couple of months. But good advice that I was given that I never thought about, was that if I had lessons and passed, but could not afford the car at that point, I could go for the extra skills lessons later, when I did.

Although I have already gave my thanks to those who I either asked for advice, or questions about driving, if you are reading this, then thank you again. 😊

When I revealed to my mum I was thinking about driving, her first response was, “insurance is expensive.”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “don’t you think I am not already looking into this and more? Thank you for your positive support.” (The last part in a sarky tone.)

Mum’s reply afterwards, “well you did mentioning it!”

I replied, “I mentioned about I was thinking of driving and said nothing about insurance. You said that!”

Mum’s reply, “I wouldn’t have the confidence to drive.”

Remember that post I wrote not long back called, Did you have anyone to look up to, as a child? This above conversation is another example of not so positive feedback, off a parent. Although still not a positive response, I was actually expecting my mum to be inquisitive and ask why I have thought about driving now. But I got that wrong.

As usual, the positivity has been from my circle of friends.


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  1. It took me many years o actually learn to drive as I had two manual instructors and the 2nd knocked my confidence because she was encouraging me to go for automatic and I thought I was rubbish etc. By the third one(automatic) I was ready for test but chickened out. By the 4th(automatic) he was perfect for me and really got my confidence up. I passed first time with him! 😀 Good luck! Ask for taster lessons(normally get first lesson free) maybe try a few taster lessons with a few instructors maybe see which one you feel comfortable with?

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I forgot I could gave asked yiu too about driving. I forgot for the moment you had passed too. How long is it now you have been driving?

      Your advice is extremely helpful. Thank you. I did not think about asking for taster sessions too. Brilliant how you passed first time. 😊


  2. Go for it! I have also been thinking about learning, and I’ve just started reducing my medication that I’m not allowed drive on if I’m taking it. (Drowsiness etc) I’d love to hear how you get on! Maybe I will join you soon x

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  3. I can relate to your lack of positive reinforcement growing up. For me though, this was a big reason why I wanted to be able to drive ASAP. The “get me out of here” mentality I guess.

    Driving really IS a wonderful freedom though and if you figure out that you can indeed afford it, I highly recommend it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment and experiences. I remember thunking in my 20’s, due to other bad stuff at that time, that if I had a car, I could just go.

      I have been researching and asking people about their insurance, road tax, etc… to get a range of prices, so that over next couple of months, I can see what my budget is like and also what I had left each month the last few months. Hopefully, by then, I will have a clear view of affordability. 😊

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  4. Thank you to everyone who has left comments here so far and and advanced thanks to anyone who leaves further comments.
    It is lovely to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic and sharing your views. x


  5. Hello, I recently got back behind the wheel after a six year break from driving – that’s meant six years of anticipation as I built up to the eventual day when I would have to drive again! It’s been an anxious couple of weeks, but I can already see the progress I’ve made. I’d definitely say it’s worth learning to drive, but yes, the initial outlay etc can be expensive. That’s partly the reason it’s taken me so long to have my own car. You can read more here 🙂

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