I will always love the guitar, but I do not have the mindset to learn how to play, or the motivation.

I revealed here sometime back, how I have been learning and enjoying playing the acoustic guitar. Since a lesson where I could not wait to get out, I have gone from regular practising, to since then, only practising a couple of times since. The last few months now where I have not practised at all and so I have put it back in its own guitar bag, to keep the dust off.



I have now decided to sell my guitar because I just don’t have the right mindset, or motivation to play it. But I will always love the guitar and hearing the guitar. It saddens me that I have not been on it, but I know this won’t be enough to get back on it. I have put it on a back seat because of studies, which will go on a year or more. As well as this, I am learning a new hobby, which is crochet and I will probably learn a couple of more hobbies. I am loving the crochet and feel my brain has been exercised as I learn how to do the stitches.


If I do decide to learn to drive, then this will be another distraction where I will always put the guitar on the back seat, so to speak. It will be nice knowing that hopefully soon, it will go to a good home, where someone will enjoy and appreciate it.


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6 thoughts on “I will always love the guitar, but I do not have the mindset to learn how to play, or the motivation.

  1. I’ve been teaching myself to loom knit and so far I’m finding it so relaxing! It’s also really quick to finish a project so the incentive to carry on with something else is there. Over the next week I’ll be posting about the things I’ve done so far and I think it would be something that would interest you. The crocheting looks really good though, how are you finding it?

    1. Yes, the loom would be interesting to me. When they first came out, I wondered about them, but I never tried it. I look forward to your post on it.

      It took me a while to relax with my crochet to start, as I had ‘perfect’ on the brain. I kept starting it all over again. Then when I did do my next lot and kept to compare my stitches later, although I enjoyed it, I suspected my stitches were tight. I came across a video clip and learnt that I had and it also helped to slightly correct something I was doing wrong. I then later started on a new piece, correcting my technique and found it was so much easier and enjoyed it better.

      My first crochet class helped to correct anything I was doing wrong, to make it easier for myself, like making sure the hook was facing me. Another correction that made things easier. So that piece in the photo, everything there, except the first row, I did in class. While there, my stitches started to look better my tutor was saying.
      Tutor reassured me that how I hold my wool is down to me. Ignore what the books show. So I finally have my own way where I feel comfortable doing this.

      I could have learnt something else new, if I wanted in stitches, but I have chosen to do just what I am doing now for the week and if I feel ok with it, then I will learn somethng else.

      I came from class feeling great, that I acheived something good. 😊

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