Virtual Coffee – November


So welcome to my Virtual Coffee at my home, as mentioned on our last Virtual Coffee chat. How have you been since our last chat? While you tell me how you have been, come with me in my kitchen and tell me what you drink you would like. 😊 I have tea and coffee, which are both decaf. I also have blackcurrant tea, green tea, or green tea plus. If you have sugar, or sweetener in your hot drink, I have both, so let me know.


If a cold drink is more your thing, then I have dilute orange in my fridge.

You will see in my kitchen my weekly menu board, (whiteboard) for what I plan for my week.


This doesn’t include sweets I may have, or mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. (And sometimes the fruit I may have with my breakfast, for example.)
Doing this schedule means I stick to my main meals and have something healthy. This is particularly important, should I be in a mood where I can’t be bothered. I seem to stick with my menu if I write it on this board and it stops me just nit-picking. (Although I have had a few set backs when it comes to sweet things, as you know.)

Help yourself to the cake and biscuits on offer. 🙂


I have saved one of my sweet allowances today, so I shall be having a piece of cake with you and come and take a seat in the living room. If you want, you can put your feet up.

So what else have you been up to, since our last coffee chat? 

Since our last coffee chat, I have continued with my studies and I have been focusing on my garden. (I will share about my garden next year, in a separate post.) Things have been a bit slow, because of the weather, but hopefully I will have something to share with on this, next year.

I recently went with my Mum to Edwinstowe, where we had lunch at The Village Kitchen. We have been here once before for just a drink, but because we were having lunch elsewhere at the time we always said we would come back next time to here and try it out. It is always a lovely welcome here and the food is lovely.
From there, we then had a little walk around, where mum wanted to call into a craft shop that she has been in before, then we caught a bus back home. Once back home, I assembled by outside storage and placed what I wanted to go inside, before locking it up. It was lovely to get rid of the cardboard box it came in, with the trellis planters still in their boxes. Having them all in my front room is getting irritating. I was tired afterwards, because the outside storage was a pain in parts.
I thought a well deserved takeaway for me and my mum was well deserved later and when it was time for my mum to go home, she said she really enjoyed today and I could tell she did as well. So she really needed it.

I would have set about putting my trellis planters up, but I am leaving this for my handyman, because it does not look that straight forward to set up as it should be. I hope these will be up soon, so I can have some privacy between me and next door.

At some point in our coffee chat, you would come across my cat, Miley.

Miley 4.jpg

I’m sure she say hello at some point. You would probably find she joins me on my lap for one of her many cuddles and depending how fussy she does get, while I chat with you, you will probably see her rub her face into mine.


Miley is a right fuss pot when she is like this.

If Miley is feeling brave, you may find she wants to come on your lap too, if you are fine with this. If not, just gently put your hand up to her while you say no and she will get the message.


This will be my last Virtual Coffee post for 2015. I will be back again with Virtual Coffee posts, starting sometime in the New Year.