I don’t know what to make of Christmas, this year.

You will find I shall be quiet talking about Christmas, except for this post and another post sending you just Christmas wishes.

Over the years, I have become less excited about it, with exception the odd times where I kinda look forward to it last-minute. This year is very different though. Although I have been recently making plans with family and friends, the spark is not just there. Today, I have even put up the Christmas tree where I volunteer and it has not sparked me to put my own up. So whether it will go up in the end, I just don’t know.

Christmas is different this year and I am probably not having the spark because of what is happening to a relative. We are all finding it difficult in our own ways as we see the deterioration, of our loved one. Originally she was not expected to be with us long, but when she was moved into the nursing home, she picked right back up. But that deterioration is back again. Each day is getting more predictable, with the odd good day.

I wasn’t going to talk about Christmas, or this, because with my post being a negative post for Christmas, I did not want to spoil Christmas for anyone else. But if I did not post this, then I feel my honesty I write on this blog usually, I feel I would be holding back if I did not air this post. I know I won’t be the only one who is not looking forward to Christmas anyway and you could be one of them reading this post right now.


21 thoughts on “I don’t know what to make of Christmas, this year.

      1. I treated myself to a new tree a few years ago, by going for something different. (I have a white one now, instead of a green.) This was so I could have something to look forward to, in putting up, which it did. Last year I was very early. (November time.) But, this year. I just don’t know. Can’t be arsed at the moment. x

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  1. I dislike Christmas too. I hear you. I am not in contact with my ex family and have a lot of horrible PTSD reminders. I’m sorry you have the upset and worry over your relative. It’s a very mixed up time of year 😞😢 *hugs* And please don’t worry about thinking you’re spoiling anyone’s Christmas. You aren’t 😘

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      1. I usually cry when the decorations go up. I don’t wanna be involved which is a shame as my kids are so excited. They don’t understand why it’s unpleasant for me and I have to try and hide my feelings. I don’t believe anything should be forced. You don’t have to celebrate this year if you don’t want. You could opt out? I would, if I didn’t have young kids 😒😢

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      2. I don’t know if I am numb to it or what. I feel partly sad maybe, or a little down. Just taking each day as it comes. My mum is coming to mine Christmas day and Boxing day. The relative we are concerned about is a close relative of my mum’s, so this will affect her greatly. We plan on Christmas day to visit our relative at the home in the afternoon, if she is still with us.

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      3. Although losing a loved one is hard and I have never lost a loved one around Christmas, I think when it comes to around that time of year, it does make it where it feels not the same again.

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  2. As you know Liz, I have disliked Christmas since the loss off my mum. I won’t be putting a tree up, I might put a few decorations up, not going over the top thou.

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  3. Aside from the commercialization, the over abundance of greed and materialization that surrounds this holiday, the hardest part of “the season” is being forced to be jolly about it all. Christmas is a date on a calendar that we all expect to be a happy time, but sometimes the pressure to “perform” during the season just works at us in reverse. Take the pressure off of you and just enjoy today. Be present. I hope you find peace and wish you the best with your family.

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    1. Thank you. You have got it right there with all you say.
      Yes, there seems to be the pressure of being just jolly about it, but we all can’t be jolly about it.
      Christmas seems to be all about getting the latest in gadgets now and not just appreciating the small things.
      What ever happens Christmas day and around that time, I shall just take each day as it comes and go with the flow. It will just be a very close few that all know this loved one, if they are there that day when we call at nursing home and vice versa when they call at mine on Boxing Day. If that is the plan.

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  4. I don’t do Christmas anymore. When I walk into shops and hear that damn Christmas music I want to break their speakers. I don’t celebrate it, as I feel there’s nothing to celebrate. It’s a sham.

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    1. Yes, Christmas can feel like a sham. I think that is because of how expensive gadgets are advertised. It’s not about the appreciation of a thoughtful gift anymore, instead it is all about having that latest item.

      I get fed up, even if it is a year where I can be in the mood, of where Christmas gets advertised early now, by seeing shops with their displays up before Halloween. It is ridiculous!

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