Allergies: nickel

I know I am allergic to nickel, because if I wear jewellery that contains it, it feels irritated, but it also feels like it is burning. So I always avoid jewellery that contains it and make sure family and friends know too about what jewellery I can only wear.

I have not worn a necklace for a while because of the heat/sweat rash I was experiencing, which I talked about it here and also here. Now everything is calm, I started wearing one of my favourite necklaces which is on a sterling silver chain. But after a couple of days it was irritating me and it felt like it was burning me last night. (I have found another sterling silver necklace as irritated me in the past and I had to change it to a cord one, but I put this down to the chain links catching on my skin tags.)
I have had this sterling silver necklace for a while, a replacement for the chain I broke before, but in between wearing sterling silver or 9 carat gold jewellery, I have worn 9 carat gold jewellery for longer.
I know after researching, that my chain is sterling silver, but what shocked me is, I should not be wearing it because sterling silver jewellery has also other mixed metals, which can include nickel. I was also shocked that I should not wear anything less than 18 carat gold jewellery! I must say 9 carat gold jewellery has been no issue for me at the moment, as I always wear 9 carat gold earings!

As well as 18 carat gold jewellery the minimum I should wear, I have also learnt that platinum, or surgical steel are other options for alternative jewellery, as well as other alternative jewellery like cord, ribbon, leather etc…

I have already put my pendant onto a silk cord, until my replacement cord jewellery comes for this pendant. I think I may look into making my own cord jewellery if I want anymore, as well as looking at the platinum range. (But it is expensive I have read.)