R.I.P. aunty

The end of the year was tinged with sadness.
My aunt passed away in the early hours of New Years Eve, surrounded by her family that loved her.

Waiting for this time to come was hard, but very hard the final two days. As a family, we supported each other well, at this very difficult time.

My aunt now rests in peace. a loved one dies, it is hard anytime of the year, but near Christmas, or the New Year can make it more harder. Before it happened to me, I could only imagine how hard it must be to lose a loved one around this time of year, but to experience it myself, means I truly know how it feels.

As well as coming to the terms of my aunt no longer here, I also need to support my mum who has lost a sister. As well as my aunt being my aunt and a sister, she was also a mum and a grandma, who will be missed greatly.



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