December in pictures

Still maintaining ‘High Merit,’ in my Mental Health coursework.

Starting on my new crochet project.


Just some of my weekend holiday photos, when I visited Castle Howard and Knaresborough. (Knaresborough I took photos just on the castle grounds.)

Busy potting plants, in the garden.

At Christmas, I just loved the decor of this box, before even looking inside.


And a couple of books, that bought a smile to my face.


For Christmas dinner, it was Cheese and chicken pie, which this time I had it with mixed herbs. See this post where the inspiration came from originally.


Also, how this blog looks now. I have finally found the right template, so the title of my blog appeared preferably as I wanted along the top, while still using the colours that I found relaxing as before. This has also made my tags to the right of the blog easily visible, (now it is not a tag cloud,) as some of the popular ones were disappearing off the page. But unexpectedly, I found I had to go through my posts, to make some of my links in the posts easier to see, as the text was similar in colour to the rest.

Also, not forgetting Miley.



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