Beating the rash

Since talking about my rash in a few posts last year, I have finally won the battle on it, but I have had to rule quiet a few things out. Surprisingly, the rash I was battling with wasn’t a heat/sweat rash after all. For those that have not followed this blog for long, to cut it short I suffer with contact dermatitis on my hands, but the rash started spreading up my arms and then I was getting it around my neck.
Contact dermatitis will never completely go, as I will always possibly have the odd flare up, but it should be manageable for me and easy to control. But this rash that was appearing and spreading up my arms, I could not understand what was going on, but when my neck started playing up, I put it down to heat rash, which coincidently used to flare up sometimes when I was hot. But when it started to flare up when I wasn’t hot, I was starting to get extremely baffled. I also started to get self-conscious, because of it going up my arms and was worrying how bad it was possibly going to get. I followed the doctor’s advice to use my moisturising cream that he prescribed me for my hands. It wasn’t getting any better.

I started looking into alternative things to ease my sore rash and at times, I used my alternative moisturiser I used before. It was going. I went back on to the moisturising cream my doctor prescribed me and it came back. But at this point, it did not register to me that it could be this moisturising cream.

One night, I decided to put the moisturising cream on my arms. I went up slightly higher on one arm, than the other. I woke up in the early hours finding myself scratching my arms and discovered they were all covered in rash. One arm, (the arm I went slightly further with the cream,) was covered in rash to how far I went up with the cream originally. It then registered with me that it was the cream, remembering how the rash varied to whether my arms just had the residue of the cream off my hands, or whether I applied directly. Same with the odd occasion when I applied the cream to my already sore neck. It took a few weeks, but my arms have now fully recovered, since I stopped using the cream my doctor gave me and I now use the one I used before. I was so shocked to discover it was this cream and to find it wasn’t suiting me as I thought it was.

As for my neck, I still had a rash flaring up there and it was itchy and sore. The only last thing I could rule out for this was the shampoo. The shampoo I had not used before and after running out of options of what could be the cause of my rash, this was the only one thing that it could be. Failing that, then I would have to call in the pharmacy or my doctors. After stopping the suspected shampoo and going back to something I knew that was ok for me, my rash quickly calmed down and no longer itched. So it was the shampoo, but strange how my scalp was not affected as well. (No more using that particular shop brand.)

Now I have learnt that the irritation is to do with cream, I have started to try my sterling silver jewellery again, in case I wasn’t reacting to this because of using cream and shampoo at the time. I probably will find though that I will, but I want to see, or if not that, then just the chain catching my skin tags doing it. I shall carry on putting my current pendants on cord, or lace necklace if the case.