5 Misconceptions About Blogging

I wanted to share this post written by Jay Colby on “5 Misconceptions About Blogging” because it was a post I could relate to.

I addition to this, I also wanted to dispel the myth about when a blog post goes on air no matter what time of day it is, does not mean I am at my computer hitting the publish button to air it there and then. Many of my posts are written in advance and scheduled in advance. These posts can sometimes be scheduled up to 3 months in advance. The only time a post that airs instantly at a touch of a button, is when I re-blog a post I seen and liked, directly from their blog. Just like I am doing now with this one. 🙂 Pop on over to Jay Colby post and enjoy the read, that many bloggers will relate to.

Jay Colby

There are many misconceptions about the blogging world. After reading many blogging tips from many different publications, articles and self-help books I’ve discovered there are a plethora of myths being shared all over the internet. Here are the 5 common misconceptions about blogging.

  1. Blogging is Easy:

Although anyone can become a blogger with there being various sites we can sign up for and have a blog in a matter of seconds. This leads to the ideology that blogging is “easy” this is simply not the case. Many bloggers spend many of a week hours writing posts, researching information, finding or making images and editing their work over and over again. I can speak for myself that I spend at least forty five hours a week on writing alone not including my time spent on reading, researching and promoting my blog.

  1. Takes 5 Minutes Write a Blog Post:

A huge…

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