Not knowing whether I am coming or going

The last few months I have not known whether I am coming or going. Although I was worrying about my aunt, who has passed away now, it wasn’t just because of about this. The weeks leading up to Christmas felt quick and I was getting muddled up with my weeks. I wasn’t the only one who felt like this, as my work colleague felt the same too. It doesn’t help how I clock cards are done now, since last summer in confusing our weeks.

Before Christmas, I put some annual leave in and the plan was to save a few, one for when the time come to for my aunt’s funeral, with us knowing it would not be long before her passing would come soon.
Before end of December, I decided to use an annal leave to be with my aunt, after we were told the moment was coming. My aunt was with us a couple of days longer, before passing away New Years eve, as you know. When collecting my annual leave recently, I realised I totally fucked up my annual leave sheet. (I don’t know where my brain has been.) I used up all my annual leave and I had gone over by one hour, which meant I owed work, which I did yesterday, by coming in an hour early.

I am still having moments where I feel exhausted, as I am still battling what was a bad cold since the New Year. I have a nuisance cough and blowing my nose a lot at times. I am hoping that my cough is gone before beginning of next week, as I self-treat it with something it else, otherwise I will be off to the doctors.

My aunt’s funeral turns out it will fall on a Saturday, so no worry of an annual leave I no longer had saved with it falling on that day, so I have no worries of being anywhere else after other than back at home, having time to myself.

I am hoping that by when February comes, I will know where I am and feel better organised again.

10 thoughts on “Not knowing whether I am coming or going

  1. I am very sorry for your loss and I do most certainly hope the weeks ahead can bring you some peace.


    1. Thank you. x
      Yes it is sad dealing with loss. Going to be taking it easy over the weekend. Not back at work till Thursday now.


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