Virtual coffee – January

Hi and welcome to first Virtual Coffee of 2017. I hope Christmas has been good for you and that 2017 treats you well. So how have you been?

For me, the end of the year ended in sadness for me and my family as my aunt passed away. Although we knew the time was coming, it did not make it any easier and it hit us all hard. The funeral is next Saturday I have learnt.

Although Christmas and Boxing Day was not as I normally know it, me and Mum enjoyed our Christmas and Boxing Day together. I cooked our dinners and Mum supplied the sweet. We watched TV and at times just sat quietly, relaxing. Miley was interested in Christmas as she has done previous years, from observing her Christmas presents being opened and enjoying the new puzzle received later, as well as the wrapping and packaging it came in.

January has been the usual, work, catching up with friends and relaxing when I can, which I really need due to a bad cold I have had since the New Year. I just have the cough to get rid of now, which the medicine I’m taking since start of the week seems to be helping clear my chest. I have though, pulled a muscle or rib with the coughing, so I have been in some discomfort with that and this is why I have been wanting to relax.

I have catched up with friends at one volunteer place, but the other where I was due to go back to on Monday, I have chosen to just meet up with Mum for a bit and then relax at home doing nothing for the rest of the day. Now and again, tiredness creeps in. So catching up at the other volunteer place will be left for another week.

Not much to chat about in this virtual coffee. Hopefully you will have something more to say.

2 thoughts on “Virtual coffee – January

  1. Hope your muscle/rib eases for you soon Liz. I know what you are going through with the loss of your Aunty, I am here for you if you ever want me as I have told you before x


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