Book review: “The Hidden Messages in Water,” by Masaru Emoto

I have had this book for some time on my bookshelf, but only just got round to reading it towards end of last year. This type of book I would not normally read,but I did find it interesting.

Dr Emoto, the author of this book has illustrated the healing power of love and gratitude. This book introduces his work of how water is affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. He shares some photos of crystals formed in frozen water, to show the effects that words, photographs and music can have on water.

Now although interesting and with good words of wisdom about life, I felt that what he said about how water is affected by positive or negative things, evidence for this was poor. Like for example, writing a positive or a negative word on the side of the water container, effects the development of the water crystals. Positive words supposedly formed beautiful crystals, while negative words did the opposite. He only shown one photo of each in the book, for the experiment he was trying. He did not show several, or say how many times this was done. I felt I was reading his beliefs on this topic, than anything else.

Yes, this book was interesting and there were good wise words spoken, but for trying to prove facts he was claiming in this book, was not enough for me. He also bought god into it, something I was not expecting for something supposedly science talk. I would not have bought this book had I known fully what I would be reading. There are plenty of books I can read that have good wise words in them and if you are reading this book for the science, you will be disappointed.