Best to wait it out?

Today I felt a little frustrated and maybe a little fed up, but deciding to go with my gut instinct and ignore what my brain was telling me, it will probably be a good thing.

So what was it?

I seen a property for rent in my area I knew and I was thinking of viewing it. First I needed to make some enquiries and look at my finances to be sure I would be ok. The feeling of frustration and being fed up was nothing to do with the property I had in mind. Instead it was totally separate and I was having a moment. Anyway, after some discussing this afternoon with the estate agency via email, although there was no guarantee me getting this property, I decided not to go any further in viewing. I am going with my gut and not what my head was telling me.

Where I currently live, I will be coming up to three years in May. The property is long-term let, so both myself and the landlord are happy knowing that I was looking at long-term renting and vice versa. My landlord is good too, which is nice to know, as I have not had much luck in the past.

My plan is to have driving lessons and when I pass to hopefully afford a car. Obviously, if I did choose to move, then buying a car would have been a no no and the question after, how soon would it take me to save again.

The idea is, if I drive, like a family member and some friends have said to me, it could give me an opportunity job wise, because having a car would make it so much easier to get to a work place than worrying about transport. So my idea has been to stick it out where I currently live for many years before even considering moving and now I am considering learning to drive, then I could possibly look at some things even more differently.

So although my head nearly ruled today, I am going to listen to my gut and also to myself of waiting it out where I am for some years, before doing anything. Hopefully something better later, when that right job comes along. Until then, try to be grateful to what I currently have.


6 thoughts on “Best to wait it out?

  1. I think it’s good to listen to our intuition. It has saved me from a lot in the past. Those times when I didn’t listen, I regretted it. Now you can maybe get yourself a car. 🙂

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    1. Yes, in the past when I ignored my gut feeling, I regretted it. Now I have decided to stay put as originally planned, then yes, I can work for that car and joy the freedom that comes with it, while waiting for that better stuff to come along. 🙂

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    1. My head was really trying to rule this one. But the time is not just yet and I need to go with my original plans and my gut feeling. I think my head was more for ruling because of being down.

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