The one that stood back

When I was in Youth Training, (Y.T.) because of my lack of confidence, I’d be the one that stood back. I would be quiet and observing people, while doing whatever work.

The Y.T. scheme I was on, was care work with elderly and children and one of the days at our Y.T. base, we had a Luncheon Club for the elderly. The meals were ready-made and delivered to us, but we made up the gravy and custard. Prior to them arriving, we would cover the tables with a tablecloth, set up the table with appropriate cutlery, cups and, glasses, with a dried flower arrangement made by us in the middle.
The ladies and gents there would chat to one another and also with us and we would put some sort of entertainment on in the afternoon, like bingo for example.

A lovely elderly lady singled me out and got me to come up to her. We got talking and became friends and she was inviting me to her flat, where I would call by a few times a week. Later, I would help her out with a few things like cleaning. I even cooked for her once, not because she required this, but because I wanted to treat her.
The cleaning side of things, she wanted to pay, but I would not accept as i was happy to help. I known her a few years before she passed away and I was friends with her family who made me feel very welcomed. They called round when she passed away, to let me know of her death, but to also bring a few personal things of hers that they did not want and that I could keep if wanted.

Anyway, even after the Y.T. days, I still remained quiet and observing when meeting new people, for years after that. But when did I stop this? I only thought about this when I seen purple butterfly’s post called, “Quiet and Observing.

Although I imagined I stopped doing this because of my confidence improving than my younger years, or because at times I am in my comfort zone, it has reminded me that I think I will get back to being quiet and observing. By no means will his mean my confidence will be taking a step back, but being quiet and observing, you never know what I may discover or learn.


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