Anxiety update

After my post last night, where I revealed about my anxiety, I wanted to let you know that after that post aired, I went back to this blog post at, Gentle Kindness. After reading it, to refresh on self-soothing, I went to bed. I reached for something soft, which was my fleece blanket. Normally this goes across the foot of my bed on top of my duvet, but I moved it so it was underneath. I curled into it, enjoying the warmth and the touch of my fleecy blanket.

This morning, I felt much better and I did not feel tearful. I got stuck into my studies for an hour or so that morning and then a couple of hours in the afternoon. That lesson now on its way in the post.

Work was ok and good like last night. Mostly I was ok, with exception of maybe feeling a little down for 20 minutes and a slight wobble of anxiety, but I plodded on doing my job. The shift went very quick.

I now have been enjoying tv as I write this with fleecy blanket on my lap; Miley on top. I am tired and so hopefully I will have a good sleep and another good day tomorrow.

I hate it when my anxiety goes on an unexpected wobble, or worst.


10 thoughts on “Anxiety update

    1. Yes it does and I think I have been in a kind of a comfort zone, so when I had my wobble, I kind of not expected to it to crop up. It made me feel very uneasy and doubt was creeping in. It has been a one step at a time for me, since having this wobble. I sleep well once I am asleep, but I am taking longer to fall asleep more than normal. So I am hoping this will get back to normal too. x 🙂


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