Lots of preparation in my garden

I have been quiet in regards to my garden posts, than expected. This was due to a hold up, before I made a start what I needed to do. Then last month, most of the time I had a bad cold which had a sore rib and so I could do nothing heavy. The sore rib only eased off, so it wasn’t troublesome to bother me stage, at the beginning of last week! So not much as been done as I would like visually, but most of the preparation work has been done.

Remember the small garden plot that was overgrown? Well here is the before and after, below, just to show the stage it is at. I do have plants to start putting in this area, when I make a start.

Can you remember the privacy I required? Well here it is, a photo I shared in an earlier post last year, as a reminder for you. Also some pots with different bulbs planted and a couple of bushes. Lavender was planted in one of my trellis planters, with two solar lights. The artificial hedging on both trellis planters, which gave me that feel of immediate privacy.

my planter trellis and tubs and a few pots

Since the above photo, the other planter has a plant in it and solar lights.

I also had lots of other plant pots with bulbs, not visible in the photo. These are all now starting to shoot through, except for my long plant tubs.

I have pansy seeds growing inside and I hope to put them out when March has passed, as I need to avoid frosts at this point. I have lost quiet a few pansy plants and I am hoping not to lose anymore.

I have more artificial hedging to finish off the third trellis planter, so once this is up and back in place, I can start sorting plants for that one and get the solar lights in. The artificial hedging I bought from another company, due previous company never getting back to me about looking for an alternative courier. They even failed to reply this year, when I queried for an update. The service received from this new supplier was excellent all round and I had a choice on delivery too. So very good. I will use them again if I need anymore.

Until I can give further updates on my garden, I will leave you with a view of my garden when it was just dark enough for my lights to come on. You will be able to tell from this photo of just what privacy I have with these trellis planters, that now have the artificial hedging on them. I can’t wait to get my third one set up, which is just off the photo.