Update on my mental health and wellbeing

This morning, I seen my doctor to review my antidepressant which I currently take every other day. I discussed with him how I felt near the beginning after a couple of weeks at starting to take them at this dosage. I then explained how last month has been especially not good, due to grief of losing my aunt on new years eve and how it was also difficult the last 48 hours before she passed away, because we had a few occasions expecting her to pass away, only to hold on for another day.
I also explained that the whole of last month nearly, was dominated by a very bad cold and that I still have a sore muscle from all the coughing I did still.

So, at the moment, because of the above and how at the moment I feel I am up and down with my emotions, we decided it was best not to lower my antidepressant any further and to keep it at the dosage I am currently on. I am to go back in and see him in four months time and we will discuss how I am doing then, and what we will do next. In the meantime, between now and then, should I ever feel any worse, not to hesitate to make an appointment.

As for my sore rib, sometimes it can take longer, as I am experiencing, so all I can do is go with the flow, taking it easy and rest when needed. Eventually the discomfort will finally go.

I also let him know about me being allergic to the Cetraben cream and so it would need coming of my repeat prescription. I mentioned I did not need any alternative, as I will continue with what I was using before, along with another I am finding even better.


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    1. Yes, he is easy to work with and keeps on top of things. Although in the past I have worked with another doctor who was pleasant and easy to work with when coming off antidepressants, he did not follow me like this one.

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    1. Thank you. No, it’s certainly not fun. First it was my right, then it was my left side. Left side being worse as it was like a stitch every time I wanted to breathe in. Although not as restrictive now, I do still have tenderness and being watchful what I do. x


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