Thank you

This post is a thank you my blog readers, family and friends for the support you have given me over the past couple of months and especially last month when I announced my aunt had passed away. This post has been a long time coming to write and has always been on the back of my mind to write, while I was coming to terms with my aunt’s death.

Thank you for messages of support whether it has been here via my blog, email, Facebook or face-to-face. I appreciate it.

Last month made it difficult even more, when most of that month was dominated by a bad cold. I now have another cold since Thursday. Did I really need to catch another so soon when my rib has not quite recovered from all the coughing of the last one. I know quite a few bloggers were having bad colds last month. Did you end up getting another so soon after the previous one? I hope you didn’t.

I have still had times where I don’t know where I am coming or going, so not quite back on track yet. I only discovered near beginning of the week that I had not paid the remainder of my holiday for May. This had to be paid in full by end of March, so I am thankful I realised this week to get that sorted.


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