Virtual Coffee -February. The final coffee chat.

If were having coffee, I would be talking about my aunt’s funeral, which was last month.

I would also be talking about how the dentist went and that instead of the re-root canal, I have just had a fresh filling, but making sure that filling goes onto the root canal, as to seal it. So glad this is now done and hopefully everything will be fine. Happy to not have re-root canal as you know. It’s my x-ray on this tooth in March to come next.

If were having coffee, I would be talking about how I was nearly deciding to move, but decided to stay where I am and stay put and go with my original plan. This post, Best to wait it out? explains more, if you missed it. My emotions leading up to my aunt’s funeral probably did not help how I was, in addition to my bad cold I had.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about my weekend holiday coming up next week. I shall be visiting the Cotswolds while my mum stays at mine, looking after Miley. I have not been there before, so I am looking forward to it.

If we were having coffee, I would be talking about how I am discovering new volunteering opportunities at one of the places where I currently volunteer. One that I will actually be doing as this goes to air is getting involved in the Involvement blog. I will start off small, so I can find my feet and when I feel comfortable, start approaching people in the trust for stories and also the volunteers, posting their stories on their behalf, if they require me to do so.

With me also attending an extra day at my latest volunteering role, it meant I had to swap my day around at my other volunteering role. I also cut down an hour less on it, as to make sure I avoid burn out, but also due to other things.

Away from volunteering, I may be participating in something else, or already doing it when this post goes to air. This will be in a separate post of its own, at some point.

If we were having coffee, I’d be mentioning a spot of D.I.Y. I had to do. A chair I use upstairs when at my desk, I noticed it was coming apart at a joint. It was nearly out when I noticed, which at that point I was just about to lean to one side, to do something with my printer. A bracket has been fitted to keep it in place now and so it should be fine.

If were having coffee, I’d be talking about how I worked out my money, to see if I could afford a car. Unless I have money to buy a car outright, I would not be able to afford a car. Running one, I would be ok, but if I was paying for a car over so many months, on top of expenses that go with a car, then no. So it is hard saving for that car, to buy outright.

What do you have to share?

This will be my final Virtual Coffee post, but don’t fear, future chats will be called, ‘Chit Chat’ and the posts will be tagged, ‘ChitChat.’ These posts will be on the same style of chat as Virtual Coffee has been, but minus coffee, etc.. and cake. Chit Chat posts may not be as often, but it depends if I have stuff to chat about, away from my usual posts I blog about. 


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