Emotional eating

Although I have eaten healthy dinners and not missed out on those, my vice of all last month has been sweet stuff. January has been a pig out for me at home, sometimes pigging out more than twice a day and exceeding my original three allowances a week for myself. I know all this is down to emotional eating and I know it is understandable for what I have been through. But, I now need to kick this in the bud.
There were plenty of reasons for me eating healthily. The main one was keeping my blood pressure healthy. Added bonus, in being in a size 12 coat, which has recently ripped on the sleeve. I gained a stone I originally lost, when I weighed myself end of January. (I know this is a little less now.) My red coat, although wearable until recent events, I had noticed for sometime it getting tight in places. So although to anyone else visually I may not be putting weight back on, I have felt the difference and seen that little difference. (But mainly felt.)

To say I have been eating a lot of sweet stuff, I have not gained a sweet tooth and things I find sweet are still sweet when my taste buds changed originally, when I cut down and only allowing myself those three sweet treats a week if I wanted them.

There has been times my willpower has been good for so long, but I am around temptation, even though I have said no thanks with proudness, then willpower gives up and I take that offering. So please, when I say no thanks, please leave it to that. If you want it, you eat it. I don’t mind you eating it in front of me. Just don’t offer anything further, or pressure me to take something sweet home, when I have said no thanks. Some cake I was given recently, I threw away when I arrived home.

All my sweet stuff has gone in the kitchen cupboard and as always, I need to stop buying anymore, because if it is in the cupboard, I tend to go for it. But if it isn’t, I don’t tend to think about it, or if I do, I mostly don’t go out for it.

I also need to get a bit more activity in, like getting back on my exercise bike. There is no excuse for not getting on my exercise bike these last couple of months, because it is in the living room. The plan was while watching tv, cycle on it for 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week. I did very well committing to this, till it stopped. So I do need to motivate myself and get back on it, as well as the above.

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14 thoughts on “Emotional eating

  1. I can really relate to this. It’s hard for me to avoid emotional eating without letting that emotion transfer to something else… like alcohol. I guess it’s all about repressing feelings isn’t it 💛

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    1. Yes. Alcohol used to be one time too, which I have talked about in a post one time. It will be three years this year on 17th August I have not touched alcohol. But food has been the biggest trigger. 🙂

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  2. A good post, Elizabeth… I can relate to this, too.

    By the way, that’s great that you’ve not bothered with alcohol so long.
    Food, being a bodily requirement, is a difficult kettle of fish, so to speak(!)

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    1. Yes, food is another kettle of fish. I had a blow out on a cake this afternoon. I had the whole thing, even though the plan was to save some for my mum tomorrow, so she had cake over the weekend if she wanted.

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  3. I have a hard time managing my bp as well and find that I drink so much water just to keep it in the normal range. If I crash I know why. Emotional eating is horrible, I have done it all my life. I know get practical things like the self serving of microwave popcorn cause there is many pieces in there. You can do this but it is not easy! -Bruce

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    1. Thank you. I have managed for some time before, until now. So I know I can do it. 🙂 Many thanks. By not having it in the home is a start for me. 🙂


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