A year ago, on 5th February…

I don’t know if you have realised, but I have only realised how my blog was one year old, on 5th February. It all started with my first post, Hello world.
When I first started writing this blog back then, I did not realise how long I would write this for. I did not have any long-term goals for it, other than this blog be therapeutic for me.
I have met some lovely supportive people via WordPress and who are mostly bloggers themselves. You have shown me what a supportive, lovely bunch you can all be, to say you have not met me personally and only know me through my blog. (Although there are friends who read this too and have met me, or know me personally in some way. Some are even from when I wrote my deaf blog.) Although I have said thank you before for following my blog, I thank you again.

I have expressed some triggering contents in my posts. A lot of them was at the beginning of my blog journey and for those who have read this blog from the beginning, will know certain things I had to do, to help me on my healing journey after counselling had finished. I also revealed bullying and the effects. (As if I did not have enough already in my childhood.)

This year, I revealed for the first time publicly, how one time I was raped some years ago. I shared this after #ITSNOTOK campaign. I felt such relief by sharing this, than I personally expected and weight off my shoulders. I suppose because I felt shame underneath, which I know I should not. It goes to show rape can happen anywhere and #ITSNOTOK.

I have learnt from feedback received, that this blog is a positive inspiration for you in lots of ways. I am happy to hear this and while I feel the need to write, I will continue. This blog covers a wide variety of things as I grow. It will still cover depression etc… whether I share my bad days, or news I learn from elsewhere, but also it will still cover my wellbeing at times and learning I do. There is also my garden that has caught interest with some readers last year. I do plan to share further this year, than I have already. So if you want to continue following the garden progress, then do keep reading.


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6 thoughts on “A year ago, on 5th February…

  1. The one year anniversary of blogging is special…. and kinda comes as a surprise. A year already? I find it one of most satisfying things I’ve done. Congrats on the commitment… and I look forward to your garden!

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  2. A belated Happy Anniversary. 🙂
    A year? Wow. you’re doing really well… and thank you for confirming what I was sure was the case: that the general feeling of warmth and positivity on WordPress is something that sustains. 🙂

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  3. I also experienced rape and felt shame, so much shame that it took me 13 years to stop myself from repressing and finally deal with it. It is always a comfort to see support from other people and I find so much of that here too. It is from reading the posts of women like you, that makes me realise how important it is to talk about it… so that we can help other women in return ❤

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    1. Thank yo for your kind words and sorry to hear you have experienced rape too. Yes, I think we need to talk about it, a difficult conversation as we know. It took me three months to mention this to my mum, that this was the final reason I left. x

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