My doodles using 365 doodles prompts

In a previous post today, I shared a few blogs/websites I came across for doodle inspiration, while I await for my books. I decided I was going to doodle using prompts from Johanna Fritz website: 365 doodles. You will find more about her doodle prompts here.

Today, I was not in a mood to study. (Maybe I will be later today.) So I have doodled. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of mine.





10 thoughts on “My doodles using 365 doodles prompts

  1. You do nice doodles!
    As a child, my parents always played a doodle game with me.

    It would start with a person drawing a number or letter, upper or lower case….
    The other person had use another colored crayon and draw something from it.
    When done, the drawer writes the next number or letter and hands it back,
    so it can be created into something….
    and on and on

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