Doodle and Mindfulness

I have bought four books recently, from Amazon. Two of them are doodling books and the other two are mindfulness books, although doodling books fall under mindfulness too. (My opinion.)

My doodle books.


My mindfulness books.


I am going to be in doodle heaven, but although they are not meant to be, I may find a challenge at times. But all good to get me inspired and my brain in a different mental gear.

The mindfulness books in the last photo will be a challenge too, as one gets me thinking and the other a motivation to try what is in the book. The book, “Start where you are,” from flicking through, will give me some self-awareness, maybe help with self-esteem, because of this book being a self-reflection type book.

The coming months ahead, as I dip in and out of these books will be interesting.

14 thoughts on “Doodle and Mindfulness

  1. I think doodling is mindfulness too! My friend recently brought me The Little Book of Mindfulness! So I’m giving it ago too and will most probably be writing about it as I dip in and out. How exciting that I can read your thoughts on it too. Looking forward to it x

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    1. With me focusing on the doodling books, I hope to also get into reading The Little Book of Mindfulness. When I talk about that one, I will more likely write that one as a book review. But a quick look inside it looks interesting and I know I will probably keep looking at it again after. So a book that will stay on my book shelf, from first impressions, to use for future use. 🙂

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  2. Doodle books?…so, maybe I should stop writing on the walls and floors?
    Just kidding, I have not done that for at least five years.
    Enjoy your books! They found you for a reason.

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  3. These look great. I bought an art therapy book recently which I’ve spent ages colouring in while listening to music. It’s really relaxing. The mindfulness book should be good too – lots of tips.

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    1. I like colouring too and find it relaxing.
      The mindfulness book is good and you will see review of this book in the link above in the comments.

      I liked both of the doodles book, but I prefer the stressed doodle book better.

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