Book review: The Art Therapy Sourcebook


I have owned this book for a while now, dipping in and out of it. It’s a book that I think will stay on my bookshelf, for possible future use. Although this book is ideal for art therapists, you may find it an interesting and useful to read too, like I did.
This book, written by Cathy A. Malchiodi, ATR, LPCC, is an updated one, showing you how to use art therapy to guide yourself and others of personal growth, insight and transformation. Inside the book are step-by-step instructions for stimulating creativity and interpreting them and it suggests different materials to try when doing them.

As back of the source book says, it will help you:

  • Find relief from overwhelming emotions
  • Recover from traumatic losses
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Discover insights about yourself
  • Experience personal growth

There are ten chapters in this book:

  1. What is Art Therapy?
  2. Art Therapy: Drawing on the Past and the Present.
  3. Getting started: Drawing from Within
  4. Creativity: Drawing on Process
  5. Setting up: Drawing on Environment and Materials
  6. Spontaneous Art: Drawing Out Imagery
  7. Using Art to Express Feelings: Drawing on Loss
  8. Art Making and Illness: Drawing a Picture of Health
  9. Art Therapy Groups: Drawing Together
  10. Working with the Art Product: Drawing on Meaning


Cathy A. Malchiodi, ATR, LPCC, is a licensed art therapist and clinical counsellor and the Professional Relations Director for the American Art Therapy Association. Also the editor of Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association and the author of Breaking the Silence: Art Therapy with Children from Violent Homes.


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  1. I also have this book as I got accepted to do an Art Therapy MA at Leeds Becket University 3 years ago now and I had to do a lot of reading on the subject, as preparation. Art Therapy is brilliant and art has been a huge part of my own journey of healing. ❤

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