My anxiety…

Post edited, after realising a mistake I made. Did you spot it before? (That’s a live sharpie for you. If you didn’t, you will still spot the mistake anyway, as I just crossed out and edited my sharpie accordingly.



12 thoughts on “My anxiety…

    1. Yes, I am surprised since Summer got me into these Sharpie drawings just how I am getting into them.

      When I did this sharpie one, I obviously wasn’t with it at the time, for not realising until after publishing that i got my date wrong and so editing accordingly.

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    1. I seem to find writing things down easier than saying sometimes. It certainly helps me to wind down if I am particular stressed about something.


    1. Thanks, I shall be ok, if I do need to, I can go back to my counsellor for further sessions. I am much better than I have been, just an unexpected random one. I have had a lot on this year, so with my own ways of coping I have learnt from counselling sessions, along with my own I have learnt, I should be ok. x 🙂

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