My laughing therapy, a lately.

A few weeks ago, I came across this Facebook page after a friend shown me one of his videos. The guy is absolutely hysterical to watch. (He was for me anyway.) At a time when I needed a cheer up, he did it for me. I laughed so much that my ribs hurt and I was crying with laughter and I have since followed him.

So who is it?

The Facebook page is called, “Tiny Tim’s Adventures.” A guy impersonating as a “3 nearly 6” years old.

He uses other social media channels to share his videos, but I follow via his Facebook page.

If you have not come across him already, then go and take a look and find your favourite videos. He has even started subtitling his videos, so deaf people like me can follow. My favourites so far, as i write this, that have made me laugh so much are:

Calling Lamborghini for a new car.

Calling the dentist.

Ringing in sick at school.

Becoming a football manager.

Getting a gym membership.

Getting a loan.

Getting an engagement ring.

And buying a house, which is his latest one.

Pop on over on the link in this post above and check it out.



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