Book review: ‘Heart Thoughts,’ by Louise L. Hay


‘Heart Thoughts,’ by Louise L. Hay, I have owned a while now. It was a birthday or Christmas gift from a friend. Although I have read this book some time ago, it is still a book you can go back to and dip your head back into it. This book has been used a couple of times as conversation between my friend to me, so I can look up the page she talked about in her email, to read a quote that seamt right for me, at that period of time in my life. So this book I treasure.

This book is a collection of meditations, spiritual treatments and excerpts from Louise L. Hay lectures. They focus on aspects of our day-to-day experiences and are meant to guide and assist us in particular areas we may be having particular difficulties.

This book can be read through thoroughly, which I suggest you do first, as well as dip in and out of where you need to read.


6 thoughts on “Book review: ‘Heart Thoughts,’ by Louise L. Hay

  1. This sounds like a good one to check out, thanks for sharing. I had a Louse Hay book a few years ago, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ I think it was; she seems to have written quite a lot and that was also one you could dip in and out of. x

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  2. I have a book of positive affirmations by Louise Hay which is very useful so I’ll check this one out too. Thank you for sharing.

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