This will be a big thing for me

Learning to drive is going to be a big thing for me and when the time comes to owning a car, it will be a massive decision I make. But I do have someone close in the family who will be there to make sure that the car I choose is a reliable one. I have already received lots of tips already about cars, learning to drive and taking the test. This person was the one who explained how to drive a manual car in easy to understand terms, hence why I nearly chose this route. But as you know, automatic seems to be my comfort zone for me and as someone said in a post before, driving is supposed to be fun.

I hope to sort out a couple of lessons in the next couple of weeks, to see that my chosen driving school is right for me. (They have good reviews and they have been recommended after I already chose them.) If those two are fine, then I will then book a block lesson. I will keep you updated down the line when I have had some lessons.

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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world with learning to drive! I haven’t attempted it again since a bad experience trying to learn in Greece(the worst place in Europe to learn). I would also prefer an automatic since my hypervigilance is awful and I get shaken up by everything when in a car. I look forward to reading all about it! hugs x

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    1. Thank you.

      I can be a passenger in a car on edge on some things, but I do find I am better than I was.
      Motorways are my worst fear. I have no reason to drive one yet after I pass, but if I do need to, I shall take driving lessons to gain confidence before setting out on my own on one. x

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  2. Good for you! I passed my driving test in September after about ten years of starting and stopping lessons. Driving lessons made me all types of anxious and i cried, I got angry, I gave up… the struggle was shit. BUT, I won’t lie, passing my test was the most incredible feeling. I nearly cried. I couldn’t believe it. Me? Allowed to drive? I still drive places and feel like it’s unbelievable. It’s given me so much independence and made me realise I can do things, so please do it! Let yourself cry and all the rest of it, but push through if you can, I promise you it’s worth it xx

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  3. How exciting (as well as nerve-wracking and expensive)! It will be out of your comfort zone and you’re right, it’s a big thing, but it will be a challenge you’re up to and a huge achievement at the end. Will look forward to hearing how you get on with your first lesson or two! xx

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  4. “Driving is a privilege and a responsibility so take it seriously and use common sense!”
    That is what I was taught in the 1970’s by my Shop teacher, aka: Driving Instructor
    Teachers taught driving back then.

    I do not feel that driving should EVER be stressful.
    Driving became undesirable for me, and I rarely drive anymore.

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    1. Thank you. Yes driving is a responsibility for all on the road. I hope driving does not ever become stressful for me, as it definitely should be enjoyable.
      I have always considered driving a car a luxury too. Something that has always seemed impossible for me and just a dream. But it looks as though this dream could be coming closer. 🙂

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      1. I sense that this dream of driving, has been residing in your heart and you are listening and taking action….taking the steps to bring it into fruition.

        I am very, very proud of you and elated for you.
        Good job!!
        You are a grand Creator!
        See how powerful you really are?
        Dolphin Grins,

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      2. Yes, it has been for the last 2 years, until curiosity is now getting the better of me. Before that, if anyone said would I have like to drive, I always shook my head and said no, I would use my legs or bus. But whether the passion was bidden then, I didn’t feel it. But my response was fear in regards to driving then. But then, I had no confidence at all.

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      3. You are a new person today.
        Our cells regenerate new all the time.
        We are litterally not the same person we were, ten years ago.
        Crazy, and encouraging. 😀

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