One step ahead, too far.

As you know, I will one day soon be having driving lessons in an automatic car. I have been looking up things I need to know since last year on cars, so I can be prepared as I can be.

Todays post is a little ramble, as I wanted to share something with you that might make you smirk. I wanted you to have a laugh on my behalf, because I have laughed about it myself.
Recently, I was looking in my diary, thinking I better book a couple of lessons. I chose a couple of dates so I could have two driving lessons of that week and I was not far off from booking them. Then I realised and called myself a plonker, following by laughing at myself, because I realised I had not sorted out my Provisional licence yet. So I was one step a little too far and possibly a little eager. πŸ˜€ So first, the all important paperwork to wait for and get that filled, before doing the above. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “One step ahead, too far.

  1. Hi there, I came across your blog and thoroughly enjoy what I see.. Keep it up! It would be great if we could support each other. I just started my own blog if you would like to check it out:D


    1. Hello and welcome. Now following your blog and I will check it out soon. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will follow me back too.


  2. That’s funny but so easy to do! Two people I know had similar moments recently! I’m also learning to drive in an automatic soon so it’s nice to hear someone else is doing this! Looking forward to reading about your progress with lessons.

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    1. Brilliant. Something for us to both look forward to and talk about. I have been hearing about how easy it is to do what I nearly did, by nearly booking lessons before having my provisional license. It’s nice to hear I am not alone. πŸ˜€

      All the best with your driving lessons too. πŸ™‚


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