My driving lessons

As I write this, I have had two driving lessons so far. The first one was about three weeks ago and my second one was today. Each lesson is two hours long, as I believe I will learn better this way than anything less.
My first lesson I wasn’t as nervous as I’d thought I’d be and my anxiety was a no-show. (I felt proud of that.) While the car was stationary, I was learning all the basics and safety in and out of the car. learning a lot of new things and I found it interesting. At one point my instructor asked me something, to see if I knew, with me subconsciously picking some things up in the past as a passenger, or that I learnt before starting these lessons and then we went through it together after. I then got to put some of these in practise, like setting up my seat, steering wheel and mirrors for example, before trying out the clutch and the accelerator while remaining stationary still.
I found the clutch hard work and I was struggling to press it all the way down. My toes were just bending back, so under the instruction of my instructor, I changed my foot position so that my toes and ball of my foot were both on instead. It made it better, but still hard work. I was wearing my ankle boots which are comfy and they are flat, so I was wearing the right shoe comfort wise, but because of no foot strength and my boots being soft soled and so my toes just going back when I pressed down, it made it look like my toes did not come to the end of my boots. But they were. So trainers were recommended next time, to see if it would help.
The accelerator I seemed a natural at in applying the right pressure to get the needle of the tachometer to a certain position that my instructor asked me to and then taking it to another a position and straight back down to previous. After my first lesson, I could not wait for my next one.

My second lesson was today and this time I wore my trainers. When it was my turn to be behind the steering wheel, after setting it up accordingly, (with only help on my centre mirror,) I wanted to try the clutch to see if wearing my trainers would make it better for me this time. Thankfully, it was and I felt reassured knowing that, because today I was actually going drive the car for the first time. I did have a couple of high anxiety moments and I nearly forgot to breathe with one of them which we laughed about as I was driving. But I drove up and down the same patch each time, feeling better than before with my anxiety, although I wasn’t feeling confident with myself, I could see I was getting better in parts. But it wasn’t until the end of my lesson for reflection on todays lesson and what I would like to expect and do on my next one, that my instructor made me realise how much I came on than I felt. He explained to me that to say it was only my second lesson and today being first time actually driving the car, that I am practically driving the car myself with no prompt from him. The only bit I get muddled up with is at the beginning he said and he noticed if I remembered one then after a while I forget something else. Otherwise I am fine and going in the right direction with everything else. So to help me, because I was going to create flash cards for myself for this bit, to get it in my head, he wrote me this. Instruction instructor wrote down to hopefully help me remember

I am getting muddled up with doing a couple of things in the first four steps and when I remember one my brain forgets another. This will go on my cupboard in the kitchen, so I can look at it when I am in there making a cuppa etc.. something I learnt from my GCSE English days as an adult, when I went back to see if I could get a higher grade. Those days there were lots of post-it-notes on my cupboard doors to memorise for it and since then, I have put this learning method into practise when I did maths and now for my driving lessons.

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  1. You are sounding like a natural at driving a stick shift car. Before long, you will be driving without any notes on your cupboards.
    Good for you!
    Proud of ya!

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