Most introverts are not selfish as some people may think. Introverts do want to meet your needs and support you just the same, but how we may express ourselves may be different to what you are used to and you may not understand us.

You can’t expect to change who we are and us introverts don’t expect you extroverts to change either! We just want you to at least understand our behaviour.

Introverts think about their friends a lot and we really do care. However, if you force yourselves on us in order to make us change or do things your way, the we can become frustrated.
I became frustrated for some time because I was not given space required while studying and in between from meeting up, or chatting online and my requests were being ignored, regardless how it affected me, or how I felt I’d seen it. I had to cut this friend off to a certain degree for a while.

If boundaries are not going to be respected, then unfortunately I feel I have to cut you off for a while. This is because as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am no good to anyone if I am drained or burned out. This includes looking after myself.

In the end, if I find my boundaries are never going to be respected, then I will cut you off altogether permanently.

Having a friend cross boundaries with me has been a first. Hopefully it will be the last time I experience this again too.

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