Random thoughts

Once I have passed and one day own a car, will it give me a better job?

A better job as in more hours where I would like to work, when it comes to hunting for a new job? A job where I am appreciated for the work I do?

When I have passed my test and ready to own my own car, I wonder if I still want that automatic car, or will I be happy to continue driving a manual car?

Just random thoughts. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. I passed my test in an auto and I love it. It’s so fun and easy to drive, it’s like a go-kart!! It will 100% open up your possibilities. This is such a small thing, but I was able to quit a gym near work in London which was sooooo expensive and join one near my house for a third of the price, I now drive myself to classes whenever I like and I love that feeling of freedom and independence!! X

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    1. Thank you for sharing me your experiences. I know I have been looking at jobs now, at the possibility of owning a car. Just to see what is out there and what interests me. 🙂

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  2. Once I learned to drive a stick-shift car, it was like riding a bike and became ‘natural’….. I found many benefits to a manual car. I found many luxuries to an automatic.Once you get done with your lessons, you will have the options of both worlds for what car you want. Great planning on your part!

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