Car driving lessons update

Creating my own flash cards has helped me to get my head around with the first four I was having issues remembering, when it came to moving the car. (This post will explain more, if you missed it to what I am on about.) Because I got my head around it, I decided I would have a go at changing gears. This was just back and forth from first and second gear to start with, while driving up and down the same road where I have been having my lessons. I also started using my indicators, after my instructor decided it was time I go on a different road. So I got thrown into it without any warning, giving me no choice but to continue doing what I was asked to do.
Driving on a different part of the road, using my mirrors, signal, manoeuvre, changing the gears now and again, meant I was now passing other road users. I drove over the same roads each time and I was going in a circular route. Each time I was getting better with my braking and clutch and also my steering. The anxiety levels also went back down, as I progressed better. My instructor said to me I have done well today and that I have gone further today than I probably think. Which is true. Although I was doing it, it’s not sinking in just how well I’m doing it. I don’t feel confident in parts in what I am doing. But I do know this confidence thing will improve, if it’s anything like before.
Next week, I will be doing the same things as today, but something a little more in-depth.
My instructor said he put me out there, cos he knew I would do it. I said to him, had I’d been given a choice, I would have said no, so by doing what he did, it helped. I may have been all high with anxiety to start with, but in the end it was better and I still enjoyed it. I am looking forward to my next lesson too. My instructor wrote down the process for me in regards to when I change gears and now this joins my other paper on my kitchen cupboard, along with flash cards I’ve created, so I can look at them anytime and anywhere. My instructor also wrote down regarding speed verses gears, to give an understanding of speed in each gear, which would help should I ever forget what gear I am in.



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