Book review: “You need more sleep – Advice from cats,” by Francesco Marciuliano.

A compact book that I received as a gift at Christmas, along with another book of the same author, which I will be blogged soon.

This book offers feline advice to us humans, their life-improving tips such as:

  • Always stay at least 30 feet from a loved one
  • Enter a room like you own it and everyone inside it
  • Never doubt yourself until it’s too late
  • Don’t be nice to unpleasant people
  • Indecisions shows that you’re thinking!

These and other invaluable skills will have you living the cat life in no time!


  • Introduction: listen to the cats
  • Chapter 1: personal relationships
  • Chapter 2: Social interaction
  • Chapter 3: Career advancement
  • Chapter 4: You, you, you!
  • Acknowledgments

The book is purrfect, (sorry perfect) sized book for your handbag to take on your travels. A book that cat lovers will enjoy. Small, easy-to-digest tips, with gorgeous photos of cats throughout. Although, if you were to follow some of the cats tips, then you could get into trouble for some of them. (From a human perspective and not if a cat had done it.) Like  for example, turn up to work naked. 😉

This book was a chuckle to read all throughout and I have another book written by the same author called, “If I could pee on this – and other poems by cats.” I will share that book review tomorrow.

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