Back to my artistic roots

I have been doing lots of doodles while away from blogging. Out of the ones I will share with you, I will share with you three of them. As you will see, my doodles have come on differently and I am re-discovering my artistic roots. The last time I drawn on this level, was not quite 20 years ago.

The elephant drawing challenge was a later date, but I wanted to do it earlier and share now with the other two drawings.





8 thoughts on “Back to my artistic roots

    1. Thank you. The dolphin I had a go at, is a picture of my coaster. I love dolphins, which reminds me I will have to put it on my list to do in maybe two years or less to go back to Skegness, just to visit Natureland Seal Sanctuary and have nearly a day there, rather than just an hour or so.


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