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I have only spoken out loud to one person, (my mum) about what I am about to say now here and that I have been doing some thinking of moving to Derby one day. This is because unlike where I currently live, should I apply for a disabled bus pass in the future, the process is simple and it costs nothing. But it is not just because of that, also I have felt and wondered by just going to another area, just for that feeling of a complete fresh start. Anxiety has held me back many times in the past though.
As a deaf blogger one time, when I talked about the application I filled in and the difficulties with it because on the form it does not allow my audiologist to fill it in and so I have to go to my doctor which results in paying him the time to fill in the appropriate part of the form to prove my hearing loss. The trouble is, my doctor does not have my up-to-date hearing loss details, because at the end of the day it is my audiologist I see. Many of my deaf friends and deaf readers when I  used to write my deaf blog, who lived in other areas, informed me that the process I have to go through to prove my hearing loss, it doesn’t happen where they live. One blogger, contacted me personally and said where he lives, it used to happen and advised me who to contact to challenge them, as he did and he got it changed.
Many years later, I decided to do what I was advised, talking to a fresh-faced person about the matter and feeling confident something would get done. This was last year, back in March. Earlier this year, I emailed for an update and since voted that person in. But I have heard nothing. What was the point in me voting if you are like everyone else and don’t care? That’s what it feels like as I am kept in the dark. I feel ignored, which was also what I added in another email recently and waiting to hear.
As it is the General Election today, I won’t be voting who I was originally voting for, that this party recommended, as I will vote for someone who did help me one time on a different matter.

On the same disability matter regarding my hearing loss at work, I am coming across some same issues that I get every year. Now although nothing has been said verbal yet, fresh papers have gone up regarding certain training and my name is on them even though I have done them online, where I am allowed to do them. But as my name keeps coming up regardless, I won’t be surprised if they ignore the conversation and try it again and so I have contacted the same person at work who helped me before. I hope to hear from her later when she is back.

Those that know me well will know that I hate coming to work as it fills me with anxiety and dread. When I am out into another job, it won’t come quick enough, which comes to my next topic in this post. I have seen a cleaning job of 32 hours per week and although nights is not something I really wanted to do again, there is nothing stopping me and I cannot stop thinking about it, so I have applied. Wish me luck. 🙂

On the subject of moving to possibly moving somewhere new, are there readers here that have done it? I am particular interested in those who live on their own like me and have done this.

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    1. Even if the things get sorted with my training at the current place, it will happen the same thing the following year. I just want out where I am. I hope I get this job, as my heart is on it. 🙂

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    1. Yes, quite a few seem cropping up. But work all the same and I have been sick of this and other past issues there. I have never known owt like it. It gets me down.

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  1. This is so exciting!!!! Thank you for sharing lovely! Honey….I have moved 5 times in that past 12 years. It’s a wonderful thing. Fresh starts and new beginnings! It looks like you already have your answer just by listening to your heart. “I really wanted to do again, there is nothing stopping me and I cannot stop thinking about it,” Those are all good signs. ❤

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    1. I have really put my heart into the online application form today for it and talking about it with my colleague at work tonight, I know I have done the right thing. I can find a load of positives for this job, if I am lucky to get it. If I do get it, then one day, I will move to Derby. Moving somewhere completely new to me will be something I have never done before and out of my comfort zone. But in mean time, I hope to make further trips to Derby, to get more a feel of the place. 🙂


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