Car driving lessons update

Two driving lessons this week as my instructors wasn’t well last week and how I felt myself, it was also a blessing for me, as I would have struggled with last hour of my lesson possibly with a bad cold I had. I just slept that weekend because of it. My first lesson was yesterday and the other is later today. Yesterday was better than my last lesson and although I knew I did better, the same anxiety was still there and low confidence in what I am doing, but this time having control of my feet to where I wasn’t panicking with them. But regardless, I am still enjoying my lessons.
I am thinking about whether to continue with manual lessons down the line though and instead change to automatic. Or if I manage to continue with manual lessons and pass, I will more likely drive an automatic. As a deaf person, I can’t hear when my car is telling me to change-up in a gear. I cannot feel the difference either. There is something that has been pointed out to me, that will tell me when to go up in a gear, but it still leaves me with knowing about when to drop down in gears.
The bite I feel when the car is stationary, I do not feel now as I move the car and I am now stalling the car. Although it has been pointed out that everyone does this and it take time to master this, I still wonder if after some more lessons in a manual car to start seeking lessons again in an automatic car.


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  1. The thing about a manual is, you are learning the most difficult way first. They say once you learn, you can drive anything. There is freedom in knowing that. If you can master it enough to take it as a good thing to know, I would stick with it. Hah! (good pun) Driving an automatic will be a piece of cake for you afterwards. xxx

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  2. I’m not really sure what to suggest to be honest because I’ve never driven an automatic, but I imagine that changing gears without hearing the sound of the engine would be pretty difficult. You can kind of gauge it with the speedometer (ie. 20mph 2nd gear, 30mph 3rd gear) but that’s not always too accurate. I think you’re doing brilliantly giving it a go though and things will start to get better and feel more natural before you know it 🙂

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  3. Thank you for your comments Letitgocoach and InvisiblyMe. 🙂 x

    After this post and I went for my lesson later that day, I could feel when it was time to change gear from 1st to 2nd gear and I think to 3rd gear too, so this has gave me a fresh sense to continue a little longer and see how I go. I am hoping I can have an extra lesson net week, if the instructor can fit me in. If I can get an extra lesson so that it makes at least two lessons a week at 2 hours at a time, I think it would help me greatly. 🙂

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    1. I actually cannot make my mind up. I will probably stick manual maybe with my first car then automatic after that. But I just don’t know yet. 😀

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