Managing mood disorders

Not so long back, I attended an event that I was invited to, called “Managing Mood Disorders.” It was held in Nottingham, on a University campus and so this was the first time I have ever walked onto one and my anxiety was high. Although it was not probably noticeable. I nearly chickened out in going because of it.
The event was held in the Sir Colin Campbell building and I stayed there all day, as there was an interesting programme. Themes for the day were:

  • Findings and Outcomes for Patients – from the Specialist Depression Study
  • Self harm, Depression and Bipolar Services
  • Digital Technology in Mental health
  • MH Research Priorities for the future

The event was a great opportunity to share knowledge, expertise and experience in research and practice. There were all kinds of people at the event, like Mental Health Clinicians, Commissioners, Managers, Service Users and Carers.

I found the whole day interesting and there were lots I learnt and other projects I had not heard of. I was also made to feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door and came across someone I knew who also attended this event. The experience was a positive one and I’m glad I attended.

Click here, to find out more about the Centre for Mood Disorders, at The Institute of Mental Health.