The way I use my internet – update

I am back sooner than expected from my break. This was because my internet I planned to use did not work out as expected, but now I am back on again at home, hence why I had this unexpected break, which this post explains more.
Since this post, where I mentioned I gave up my landline and phone and internet for a pay as you dongle, it did not work out as I thought it would. I may use the internet even less, but I could not manage on 1GB as I thought I would.
The next thing I tried on pay as you go was the 3GB allowance, but it did not quite get me there to the end of the month, hence the unplanned blog break announcement. So very recently, I decided to go on a contract one because I get a lot more allowance for the same money I paid for the 3GB one and I know this will be more than enough, as it is a 20GB. I am tied to a long contract though, but I have been with this provider for a very long time with my pay as you go mobile phone over the years, (with contract one in between) and with me starting with a pay as you go internet dongle prior to a contract one, I know I am with the right company for me. So no worries.

4 thoughts on “The way I use my internet – update

  1. aw so glad you sorted it out, so you get data plan with your mobile? you could always plug your phone in to the pc and use it as a hotspot to get wifi if you get unlimited data onthe phone plan. xx

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    1. I get so much free data with my pay as you go internet, but because it’s not a large amount, it’s best not to connect it to my laptop as it would go quick. I just use my phone as it is and when I really need it. I like my main internet to be at home. 🙂

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  2. I forgot to add to this post that although it did not work out originally the internet as i expected, I have still saved money compared to having a landline phone and internet. So still a bonus.


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