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What a difference since this last post; Car driving lessons update, there has been a slight change with my driving later that day on 16th June. (Although my instructor would say a big change.) I am thinking as in small change to how I feel the car currently. As you know, my concern is knowing when to change gears, whether up or down. I can now feel when it is time for the gear to go up, so a sense of achievement on that part. 🙂 So I am happy I can now tell this way, even though on the dashboard it will tell me too. Although I now have this reassurance, my confidence is still low and my anxiety high. I feel an extra lesson a week would help me, but sadly the instructor could not fit me in as I observed my phone to see if I may receive a text to see if I was available, should there been. So I knew he just could not fit me in.

The lesson I had the week after, (23rd June), I had still improved from the previous week. Although I still had anxiety, it was better and my confidence was a little better in places too.
I was driving with prompts when I needed them and in places where I had no experience in situations I was in, I was guided. To say I was now driving on a more public road and when permitted, at higher speeds, my anxiety levels kept at the same level with just the odd peaks. With my anxiety in check the best I could, I felt a bit more in more control with what I needed to do.
When I was in areas where I could do up to 60mph, I could see I was doing nearly 55mph, but my instructor said I did 57mph at one point. He could see I was not comfortable with this, as I warned him prior. He said he would not have put me in this situation, if he did not think I could do it.
What I did not think I would end up doing, but I did, was to drive myself home. Although relieved when home, I felt good. 🙂

I tried a different pair of trainers for my lesson, having my others as a back-up, just in case there were not suitable. I turned out I was ok with them and an added bonus that I could feel my feet touching the clutch, break and gas pedals, so this gave me some reassurance as a deaf person. It has made me realise I rely on sense of touch more than I thought.

4 thoughts on “Driving lesson update

  1. That’s fab, I think you’re doing brilliantly!
    I remember my old driving instructor making me drive down a country road, a narrow one you can only really fit one car down, as fast as I could (within the 60mph limit, of course!) He wanted me to overcome my fears and gain some confidence, and also said he wouldn’t have had me to it if he didn’t think I could. These are all great steps forward, you can do this! 🙂

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  2. Isn’t self-discovery beautiful?
    You are doing so great! Before you know it, you will have all the confidence you need to drive that manual confidently. You are so CLOSE 😀 Just relax and BELIEVE in YOU. I know you can do this and so do you. You are the best you can be and are always getting better. How stinkin’ cool is that?
    You should be so PROUD of yourself right now!!! I am. 😀

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