I forgot to mention in The way I use my internet – update how that although the internet did not work out as I expected and I had to go on a contract one, that it still worked out cheaper for me than my original landline phone and internet. So I still made it cheaper money-wise.

Yesterday, I went on an unexpected day trip with a friend, paid for by her. So I only needed spending money, which I just spent when it came to our lunch and nothing else. We went to Sherringham, which the last time I went there with the same friend, was in my late teens. So my memories of Sherringham were vague. As we went round though, some memories of recognising the place came back. I took a couple of photos, but it was just for using later when I use a new computer, to see if I see my images as they actually are.
This new computer, I am paying over several weeks, but I know I will get it paid much sooner than this. Although it was not planned, it was a bargain not to miss and because of the price I was dubious if anything was wrong with it, but I have seen it working and I am happy with what I see. It’s an iMac, 21 inch screen, so this will now be my main computer. I still have my Macbook Air laptop and it is no way being made redundant and will still get used. I am hoping when I come to taking future photos, that I will see my images for what they truly are, so that if they need editing before printing, then I can do so accordingly. Since having the compact camera I have, I have found that when it came to printing my photos, they were darker than they looked on my MacBook Air laptop. So I am hoping this new computer makes a difference. If not, it is still not a waste having it with it being a bigger screen, as I will do my Zumba up there, via my DVD.
When I used to own a Nikon DSLR camera and use the automatic setting, (although I used other settings on this one as I experimented), I never had he problems as I am having now with my compact zoom camera. Another past compact camera I used to own of the same model as this one, I never had this issue either when using the automatic setting. It looks like more practise with it, or looking at a Nikon compact camera instead with a zoom.

Today is a busy day for me, I shall be getting some compost in, ready from when my trellis planter gets assembled this week. (By the way, I have not forgotten a post from my garden, I just need to get round to it.)
I shall see a family member who has been encouraging me with my driving and give this person an update. Then I will be having lunch nearby, before making my way to a meeting nearby, regarding shaping general practice (GP) services for the next 5 years. The place where this meeting will be held, I have not been to before and on top of not knowing anyone, I know my anxiety will be on edge. How much till I am in the situation, I don’t know. I could be surprised and find there will be someone else there I know.


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