How to Embrace Self-Care

Talking about self-care in my previous post today, as a reminder for myself and to let you know what I was doing since my disappointing blow, I thought I’d look at other blog posts on self-care for further inspiration and I found this one. 🙂

self-care, yoga, meditation, health, nature,Trust me when I say, I know self-care can feel like another thing to add to your already overwhelming to-do list. When you’re already busy with just getting through the day-to-day stuff, self-care feels like a chore, an extra effort you just don’t have the energy, time or inclination for.

But trust me also when I say, self-care is worth the effort and will actually renew and boost your energy, creativity, and service to the world, whether that world is your family and loved ones, your community and society, or the planet at large.

Self-care is a sacred act if it’s done mindfully and with intention. When you take the time and treat yourself with love and worthiness, your cup truly will overflow and affect everyone around you.

If you start your self-care rituals slowly, with even minimal commitment I have faith that you’ll feel the benefits. Magically you may…

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