Learning to cope with depression

Before I suffered with depression, I always understood that it would never go away, it was just about how each day is managed to make it the best day you possibly can. That you found a way to learn to live with it.

So what I am about to say next will probably surprise you, because it has me.

As you know, I have depression on and off over the years. Being on medication this time round has been longer than before. But I always thought that I could get rid of my depression once and for all. It wasn’t until this year at some point, that I accepted I had to learn to live with it and cope each day what it may or not bring. To make each day the best I can, (and I am still learning.)


8 thoughts on “Learning to cope with depression

    1. Thank you. I think that this is what it boiled down for me acceptance, which I found it strange, because I could give this advice, but not seem to accept it for myself until this year. 🙂

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      1. I think acceptance is a continuous and fluid process. Sometimes Im all in, sometimes Im angry at my PTSD. Maybe thats what happens with all chronic illness whether it a physical or mental illness. 🤗

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  1. hi liz. its good that you finally accepted it. it can be a very hard thing to accept. i strugled for years to acept that i had mental illnesses and was challenged by them. i do now though. xx

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  2. Once I realised and accepted that instead of fighting my anxiety and depression I should accept it and manage it it really helped me. It stopped me from getting so frustrated trying to achieve the impossible and instead allowed me to take ownership of my mental health. Now my conditions rarely impact me and I feel like I’ve flipped them into more positive traits within myself 🙂 glad you’re on a similar train of thought 👍🏻

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