Driving lessons update

My 7th driving lesson.

Started off small and then it was out on the main road. I was feeling the heat when out on the road with my driving, as I was starting to drive wrong when out on the public roads, compared to when I was on the quiet roads. With this, my self-critic was hitting me hard and all I was remembering was what I did wrong and not what I was doing right. My confidence was not good today and although my challenging spirit is still there, I am thinking about what it would be like for me driving an automatic car again. (This last crept in two weeks ago.)
I have today, searched for automatic driving lessons in my area and there are two out of three I contacted to hear from; one who I emailed before to find they were fully booked and to try 8 to 10 weeks down the line and the other, I am not sure now if I have emailed them before or not, but I await after receiving an email back which I then gave my mobile number so an instructor can text me back. So fingers crossed, I may get to try an automatic car and if I find I am ok with it, then hopefully they can fit me in down the line ,if not sooner. A third I contacted, informed me there were no automatic instructors in my area.