I have been moving furniture a bit in my home. Mainly it has been upstairs, transferring furniture from a second bedroom, to my bedroom. I then sold my exercise bike, to make room for bringing my bean bag downstairs and put in place where that used to be in the front room. It’s a large beanbag that I have had for some time and lovely to relax in, whether sitting or lying down in it. But while it was in my bedroom where I currently live, I wasn’t making any use of it, so by having it downstairs, I plan to use as an alternative place to sit and read. (Not far from my bookcase.)
I sold my exercise bike as I had not been using it for the last few months and now I don’t have a TV, I know I won’t use it now. I shall make sure my exercise is the great outdoors, which leads onto that I must re-visit some places I have not been to for a while in my area and see how in particular one has progressed since I was last there. Watch out for photos I may share here later.


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