Garden update

My Sweet Peas in the following two photos below.

my sweet peas

close up of a Sweet Pea

My rose bush now, since you last seen it in this post.
As you know, I bought this rose bush in memory of my aunt who passed away on new years eve. Now the rose that is open in this photo, opened on what would have been my aunt’s birthday. So this was a special moment for me and it makes this rose bush even more special to me.


This corner plot in photo below, had Daffodils, Bluebells, Snowdrops and Heathers. There were also some other plants I planted. This corner did not do as well as I hoped and I had lost quite a lot of plants, so the next time I share a photo of this corner, it will have something in completely different. I have already cleared one section of it ready and have some hardier plants ready to go in both sections.

My Lavender in the trellis planter. One of these will get moved to a pot for next year, to allow for them to both spread.



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    1. Thank you. The plants in my pots and trellis planters are certainly coming along well. I have been surprised with the display from these.


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