Cute cat photos of Miley

Here are cute photos of Miley, who is 9 years old this year.

The first group of photos are what I have shared before on my blog.

These last two photos below, I have taken recently. We were chilling out on my bean bag in the front room.

What ever pet we come across, whether we own or just look after, or see while at friends, pets do make you feel better. Pets can be large or small and regardless of size, there is plenty of love to give and receive.


12 thoughts on “Cute cat photos of Miley

    1. Yes, it’s heartbreaking. It took me four years to allow myself to own another cat, after my previous passed away. I know this one will be a heartbreaker too when the time comes. I know I have her, as never far away. x

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      1. Oh yes. Lady was a cat who liked her own independence and came for cuddles at times. She also made me aware when the post came. It took some time to realise that she was trying to tell me.

        Miley is all cuddles and attention and is known to follow me everywhere. But now and again she will have time to herself.

        Mum’s cat, Smokey was a mummy’s girl. She would not be far from her. When mum was doing her washing, she would touch the back of her leg or arm gently, just to let her know she was there.

        And our first one, Lucy, liked to say hello but she was an independent girl.

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      2. Yes, they have all been girls. It was a deliberate thing at the beginning, but later, when I lived on my own, they just seemed to be girls I had chosen, but I would have gone for either. 🙂

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