Driving lessons update

On the 7th July, which was my 8th lesson I was going to make my manual car lessons the last one that day and wait until an instructor was free for automatic lessons. (I had put my name on two waiting lists.) But after discussing this with my instructor the day at the beginning of the lesson, he said to bear with him as he took me somewhere where we could go and practise my clutch and my bite, which was on a steep hill. For so long on this hill it was just using clutch and brake, so I could get a feel for this and get my foot where it needs to be. It was hard work as he said it would be, but I soon got there.
I had anxiety on this for a while because in busy traffic I could not feel the bite while on the move. But I had to learn to use another of my senses; sight, which to observe when the car moves as well as noticing on the rev counter how it drops slightly.
We then went onto quiet roads before I started going back on main roads when he knew I felt better to do this at this point and I was driving myself home.
After reviewing todays lesson and discussing it, I got booked in for a lesson next week, which will be an early start for me. (Busy roads, the instructor added.)
I left the lesson feeling this was my best driving so far, (which the instructor said it is,) and feeling proud. Feeling proud, is the first time I have ever felt proud about something in my life, as I felt that day.

Theory and Hazard Perception Test

I have been reading my books as you know, before even my driving lessons started and I thought I’d have a go at some theory tests while at the library. One test I passed first time, but when I did another, I failed by one question. That question I failed on I knew the answer to, but I did not observe properly the answer I had chosen.

At home, I looked at hazard perception tests, to see if there were any free online ones. I did not have a go at all of them with me on a certain limit of internet, but with what I did have a go at, I know this is where I will need to practice. When I am back at the library, I shall be having a go at all of them and see how I go.

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      1. I have just followed you on your Facebook and I have sent a private message with my Facebook link. 🙂
        My Facebook page is more a personal one than just for my blog. But you are welcome to follow. 🙂

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  1. I remember practicing the dreaded hill start for the first time. My instructor took me to the steepest hill she could possibly find (I have been driving for over 10 years now and I still go around it rather than over it!). I almost burnt the clutch out trying to pull off at the lights at the top, mainly because I have left the car in second gear instead of 1st :-/. I’m sure you’ll do well, just enjoy the ride and you’ll have a licence in no time

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    1. Thank you. After I did the practise on the hill which gave me confidence, I could smell the burn on the clutch. The instructor said he does not mind doing this each week till I no longer need it, but obviously it can only be done for so long. I’m feeling much better after focusing on this area in my recent lesson. 🙂

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  2. It is a proud feeling to feel proud of oneself.
    You are more than deserving of such feelings…keep em coming. You are doing SUPER!

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