I have been applying for quite a few jobs in the last month. All of them were cleaning jobs, which I am skilled in, but I have so far had no luck, yet again. One that did get in touch, I heard nothing more after giving my mobile number requesting that this person texts because of my hearing loss, when it’s passed on to appropriate person. I cannot help but feel frustrated and wonder yet again whether it is because of my hearing loss with two of these that knew. It shouldn’t but it does happen.
I have never forgot how I was made to feel some years ago after an interview at a nursing home, who did not know about my hearing loss until on the day. They were very interested in me and at the interview I felt it was going very well. It went that well that they requested three references from me, which I gave. They said to me that once they had contacted them, they said they would get back to me when it was the next stage for the CBR check. They never did and they never ever contacted any of the three references I provided!

I should not be judged on my disability. I should be judged on my ability.

Is it any wonder I get frustrated and EVEN question my own worth after a while! It’s things like this that get me down, knock my self-esteem and my self-confidence. It makes life suck, because at the end of the day I am able to work and do my job.
This topic of conversation is a touchy subject verbally and not a conversation I like to keep going, so like wise, you will find I won’t comment further about the subject of looking for work in the comments section of this post. (Hope you understand.)
When I apply for a job, I never reveal my hearing loss until at interview stage, (should I get it.) That way, they have already met and spoken with me to see it does not cause an issue, unless they let it.
For those that don’t get my frustration, or any employer that judges people on their disability, rather than ability, then lets turn the tables. Lets say at an interview there is a hearing person and a deaf person applying for a job, who are both equally skilled. The employer decides to choose the deaf person, because he/she rather have a deaf person on their team, than a hearing person. How would you feel? (Probably same as I feel right now.)

Recently I went to Mansfield Woodhouse to see what this little village looks like. Although it is only a short ride away, it was my first time visiting the area. I went to have a feel of the place, in case a couple of the cleaning jobs ended up being in this area, so I knew where to get off. While there, I did a little shopping and had some lunch in a cafe, before setting off back to Mansfield and having a wander around town and calling into a shop to treat myself to a couple of magazines to read when back home, while the cat curls up on my lap. 🙂


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  1. I know how frustrating it gets Liz, the amount of jobs I’ve applied for and didn’t hear anything else because I mentioned my disability. Feeling for you Liz

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