Garden update – Inside and Out


When my last garden post update aired, a friend via Facebook suggested that I could start a little tradition of bringing the first rose from the bush each year and place it in a special vase for it. This friend, has a friend who does just that, to bring back some nice memories of a family member. I thought this was a lovely idea and something I will definitely do and here it is in the photo below.

rose cutting

While I was at it, I decided to cut some Sweet Peas too. Here they are:

cuttings of some sweet peas in a small vase

My rose and Sweet Peas after taking this photo, are now on my kitchen windowsill and the Sweet Peas were soon creating a lovely smell in there.

I also have some Lavender cuttings in my bedroom for a relaxing smell.

lavender cuttings

I usually avoid having any kind of plants in my home because of having to be careful with owning a cat. (Some plants are harmful.) It’s easier avoiding having plants in the home than worrying what is safe around a pet and what it isn’t.
Also, with me having hay fever, I shouldn’t really have plants in my home, but I do find the odd small cuttings here and there are not too bad for me, I just cannot have a big bouquet.
In the past when receiving plants, they have only ever been in my kitchen, because I never leave my pet unattended in there, but with her being banned in my bedroom now, (or if she gets her paw around my little finger, then never left alone,) I know I will be ok having a few Lavender plant cuttings in there.

Outside, I have my fourth trellis planter assembled, which is on wheels to make it easier to access a sewer drain should there ever be a need. As I write this post, this planter is filled with compost and I have transplanted some Forget-me-not at the front of it and deciding on what to put in behind currently. I also need to get the artificial hedging, but that will be end of the month before I can afford this. (At least I can wheel this out when the time comes to fixing them on the trellis.)

I will take a photo of the garden later in the year to show you what it is like currently.

My carrots are not growing as well as they should be, which I put this down to neglect of the watering possibly when it was very hot, but also it is possibly in the wrong part of my garden, so next year I plan to completely clear it out and grow carrots in a pot so I can put it in a different part of the garden and move if needed and in the planter grow Sweet Peas. I love the smell and of the Sweet Peas I have had this year and I would definitely like to have these nearer to my back door.  🙂


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